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Buyers500.com Terms of Service

Get cash back from Buyers500.com when you buy or sell a home. See terms below:

1. This promotion is NOT available in the following states: AK, AL, IA, KS, LA, MO, MS, NJ, OK, OR, TN. These states do not allow us to provide any incentive to the customer. However, we welcome you still to participate in the program, and receive all the other benefits the Buyers500.comcom real estate service network provides.

2. Cash rebate is available to Buyers500.com customers who use a real estate broker assigned by Buyers500.com to buy or sell a home.

3. Customers must have been matched with a real estate broker through the Buyers500.com website and used this agent to close a real estate transaction are eligible for this promotion.

4. This promotion is based on a 6% real estate commission, split equally between the listing and buying broker(s). If the actual commission or the commission split differs, your incentive will reflect a similar adjustment. If the purchase price is less than $75,000 your rebate will be $250.

5. The value of the cash rebate depends on the value of the home that is bought or sold.

6. Buyers500.com will send the rebate check to you within 2-4 weeks following receipt of (1) a HUD-1 (closing statement) which shows that you used the real estate broker assigned to you by Buyers500.com, AND (2) payment of applicable fees by the real estate broker to Buyers500.com. To remain eligible for this promotion, you must send us within 30 days of the closing date of the applicable real estate transaction a copy of your HUD-1 document (you will receive this at closing), your correct mailing address, and your real estate agent’s name to: Buyers500.com, Attn: Real Estate Rebate, 7825 Wayzata Blvd. St. Louis Park MN 55426. HUD-1s sent in after this 30 day period will not be eligible for this promotion.